Deeper Than the Grand Canyon?!

When you think of large canyons, the Grand Canyon undoubtedly comes to mind.  Designated a National Park in 1919 and having its largest depth at 6,093 feet, it is the most famous canyon in the United States.  However, the U.S. has another canyon deeper than the mighty Grand Canyon…and it is right here in Oregon. […]... Read More

Geologic Artistry

Every once in a while, Mother Nature creates a place so unique and awe-inspiring it qualifies for designation as a National Park or Monument.  In Oregon, Crater Lake will immediately come to mind for most people.  However, Oregon has another lesser-known, yet equally impressive, member of the National Park Service. 10 miles northwest of Mitchell, Oregon sits a magnificent wonder […]... Read More

How Far Can You Go?

Have you ever opened a map of Oregon, looked at the far corners of the borders, and wondered what was there?  Sure, these are merely lines on a map, but what is actually out there?  This curiosity inspired and resulted in a truly unique excursion that I will forever remember. The goal:  Reach the very southeastern corner […]... Read More

Embrace the Pioneer Spirit

Wagons ho!  Welcome to Blue Mountain Crossing.  This Oregon Trail interpretive site is located just off of Interstate 84 at Exit 248 between Pendleton and La Grande, Oregon. This beautifully scenic site affords visitors the opportunity to walk next to the Oregon Trail…literally.  A paved walking path with informational signs allows visitors to immerse themselves in […]... Read More