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Sunset casts a pink hue over the Strawberry Mountains southeast of John Day, Oregon


This state is truly like no other.  From the abruptness of rugged coastal cliffs to the vastness of sagebrush prairies, forested mountain ranges to dry lake beds, sea level to well above the timberline, Oregon has it all.

Whether you are a native, new resident, or just visiting, the natural beauty of Oregon will captivate you and leave you with memories more vivid than the highest-of-resolution photos.

Explore and discover Oregon at Outdoor-Oregon.com
Checking my maps to see where to go next.

My name is Tony and I am a native Oregonian with deep roots here.  In 1852, my great-great grandfather emigrated to the Oregon Territory on the Oregon Trail, homesteading near Brownsville in Linn County.  My family has been here ever since.

Exploring the natural splendor of Oregon is my passion.  I feel most at peace while breathing in fresh air and enjoying the symphony of sights and sounds in the outdoors, particularly here in Oregon.

Does this describe you?  Are you inexplicably drawn to Oregon? Have you ever wanted to visit and explore here?  Perhaps you are a native or long-time resident who yearns to see more of the state, but have not yet done so.  Here’s your chance.

Welcome to Outdoor-Oregon.  Please join me on this ongoing journey to witness, behold, bask in, and savor all Oregon has to offer!

On To The Adventures!

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Are you a descendant of an Oregon Trail pioneer? For information on the Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers, please visit here.

Explore and discover Oregon at Outdoor-Oregon.com
Magnificent colors usher in a new day on the Malheur National Forest near Seneca, Oregon.

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