Hurry Up, Slow Down!

We lead busy lives.  We’re busy with jobs.  We’re busy with appointments.  We’re busy raising kids.  Always on the go.  Busy, busy, busy.  We wish we weren’t so busy all the time, so once in a while, we take a break, also known as vacation.

Many people go on vacations to busy places.  For example, Disneyland is full of people, all hustling to hit as many attractions as they can fit in during their available time.  They are busy waiting in lines for rides and attractions.  They are busy waiting in line to get food.  They are busy managing busy kids.  Busy, busy busy.  Vacations can end up being as busy, if not more busy, than everyday life.

Why is that?  I suspect it has to do with our tendency to stick with what is familiar and comfortable.  Familiar and comfortable requires less thought and effort.  The whole idea of a vacation is to take a break from the constant thinking and effort of our everyday lives, right?  So, we go on vacation to a setting that is comfortable and familiar.  We go somewhere that is busy.  Once there, we make sure to stay busy.  It’s what we know.

Oddly enough, it seems as though the break from all of this thinking and effort comes during the planning phase of the vacation rather than on the actual trip itself.  Planning a trip to Disneyland is easy.  Figure out travel, arrange accommodations, done.  Once you get there…different story.  Hustle here, hustle there, where to go next, what to see, go go go!

I have been there.  I have done that.  And I have been left wondering about the point of it all.

This is why I prefer to spend time in the outdoors.  There are no itineraries, no overwhelming thinking and effort, no hustle.  It is the perfect opportunity to realize the break you are seeking.

When you slow down, you begin to take notice of things previously overlooked, particularly in the outdoors.  Ironically, nature is extremely busy.  Stop and listen.  Take a look.  A lot of activity is going on.  Birds are flying, squirrels are scampering around in trees, and insects are on the move all around.  The ecosystem is as busy, if not more busy, than Disneyland.  However, to enjoy it, you must deliberately slow down.  Otherwise, it goes unnoticed.

Be deliberate.  Slow down.  Take notice.

Northwestern Fritallary (Speyeria hesperis) butterfly in the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon.

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One thought on “Hurry Up, Slow Down!

  1. Vacation = Relaxation! Walking on the beach watching whales 30 yards out and a Great White attacking a seal… because we took the time to notice!

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