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Wagons ho!  Welcome to Blue Mountain Crossing.  This Oregon Trail interpretive site is located just off of Interstate 84 at Exit 248 between Pendleton and La Grande, Oregon.

This beautifully scenic site affords visitors the opportunity to walk next to the Oregon Trail…literally.  A paved walking path with informational signs allows visitors to immerse themselves in the experience of pioneer emigrants who passed through in the mid-1800s.

After a short walk along the paved path, you will come upon the swale of the Oregon Trail.  It will feel as though you have been transported back in time.

The Oregon Trail is immediately to the right of the walking path.  The swale is easily spotted…it’s full of pine cones.  There are also several resting benches along the paved path, of which these next-generation Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers are taking full advantage.

Continuing on, you will come upon a replica of an emigrant campsite.  For the pioneers, it was just another night out on the trail.  We would view this area as amazingly scenic, but I imagine the emigrants were pretty trail-weary at this point and may not have been as enamored.

There are other hiking trails to explore at Blue Mountain Crossing as well.  These paths are not paved and vary in difficulty, so age and physical capability should be considered when deciding which trails to hike.

In addition to the interpretive site, there is a nice picnic area with tables out in the open, a pavilion-style covered area, and restrooms nearby.  It is an excellent place for an outdoor meal.

Whether spending an entire day exploring, or if you happen to be passing through the area and wish to take a relaxing break from the road, Blue Mountain Crossing is a must-see.  The paved path is easy to navigate, which makes it favorable for all ages and mobility capabilities.  The locals will even come out and say hello.

Blue Mountain Crossing is a day-use area operated by the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.  As of this writing, the fee is $5.00 per vehicle per day.  For current fee & amenities information, go to:

Oregon Trail Interpretive Park at Blue Mountain Crossing

Oregon Trail Interpretive Park Trailhead

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