Let’s Discover & Explore Oregon!

Welcome to Outdoor-Oregon!  This is an ongoing travelogue to discover and explore interesting, scenic, historic, and quirky destinations located within our borders.

From abrupt, rugged coastal cliffs to vast sagebrush prairies, forested mountain ranges to dry lake beds, from sea level to well above the timberline, Oregon has landscapes to suit every preference.  The natural beauty is captivating and will leave you with memories more vivid than the highest-of-resolution photos.

Have you ever wanted to visit and explore here?  Have you recently relocated to Oregon?  Perhaps you are a native or long-time resident who desires to see more of the state, but have not yet done so.  Outdoor-Oregon will help.

To start, take a look at the map below to stir up your imagination and wanderlust.  Also, click on the “What is Outdoor-Oregon?” link to learn more about us.  Then, use the “To The Adventures!” link to join us on our continuous exploration and discovery of this beautiful state.

What Is Outdoor-Oregon?

To The Adventures!

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